Coming back i now remember why i never loved it here-why i was always moody and quiet anytime i was around and the only way i could remind myself that life is beautiful was by forgetting i was here.The cesspool of mediocrity was choking me. The sinking sands of “lets manage with this” were gaining a strong grip on my zesty soul. Anytime i dream i limited myself. A dream is only potent as long as you stay asleep.

i have too much to offer to limit myself to sleep when the whole world is right before me. I refuse to come down to some level when i broke my back getting to the top of the hill. i refuse to become a grain in a heap, when i can be the wind and let everyone obey my command. I refuse to be ordinary. Life is too beautiful not to standout.


4 thoughts on “Eruption

    1. Life inspired this. I realized there was a lot of mediocrity around. Not necessarily in only my life but everywhere.Many settle and don’t want to struggle for better. That attitude can be contagious.
      And also some people feel that writing should be dumbed-down, but if that is done it doesn’t challenge you and nothing new is learnt.


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