Day 1: “who I am and why I’m here”

I am because i want to be, because i am allowed to be and because i will fight to be.I am here to illuminate the rooms everyone has the key to but is scared to open. I am here to try and understand the insane and try to remain sane. i am here to tell the stories of the voiceless and paint the world with a pastel unknown to us all. I am the star falling into a bottomless pit, recording the affairs of a generation of “bliss and disobedience”.

I am what words are not apt enough to describe, eyes are to shallow to see,and the minds are too lost to pay attention to and understand. I am the force that awakens the sleeping giants with an infants footsteps. I am that which is dead before is born.

We live to die,I live to rise.

I Am.


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