Can I kick it?
I’m asking not cos I wanna make it living
Or make a living or complete my mission
Of leading a district
Of niggas and sisters trying to define an existence
Not by the status quo of Mr and Mrs
But Something that’s different
A higher religion not free from vices and sinning
But still remain winning
Now tell me that isn’t a reason to kick it?
Now that was just a build up to something bigger
Not cos its rises from the ground
Or levitates around and doesn’t wither
Or inspired by bar mitzvah,  cos this is a coming of age
A sudden realization that I could be great
Not cos I know my fate but I’m not scared to make mistakes.
I fell off but I’m waking up in a different reality
I’m not alone so you better no sleep on we
Oui, I mean that I really gon be
In Detroit not just for lyrics and beats
Or because my pen only releases heat
I’m cooking up, y’all can rise off my steam.
I’m gon be just cos I said it and want it.
Anything in my way is gonna be haunted
By the demons and of course sponsored
By me. In harmony this is the sound of music
Positive I should add for whoever will use it.
I remember Being a kid talking bout the future
Picking a profession just cos the world said it suits ya
Now I realize that life is some real Karma sutra
Karma gives you what suits ya
And leaves you crossed like the feet of Buddha
Wishing everything will blow away like some good hookah.
But the coal still burning, the earth still turning
So why after one fall do you stop yearning ?
Don’t desert your nation until your name turn X
Cos little ain’t enough you could be the best
I can still hear the screams of dreams not in fruition
What good is a soldier if he looses faith in his mission?


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