What is real and what is ideal

[Heal the world x Michael Jackson]

Challenging Conventional Wisdom.

The world is not going to change, you are. We all see this world through an idealistic eye. Bright sunshine and smiles, cotton candy, ponies and everything nice. At the same time the world shows us how it truly is. Children with bones bursting out of their malnourished souls, mass graves, war heroes, poisoned lakes and slums. The current state of the world is definitely not terrific, I agree. But I don’t understand why we all think that a particular person or group of persons should be the incendiary bomb.

We continue to brainwash infants with the idea that the world is a great place. By adolescence we tell them that it’s a hard and unforgiving place. Adulthood, we are too busy trying to survive that we don’t know what to do but survive it. Old age, we sing heal the world. Like it was ever broken. The world is not going to change, you are.

As a child I witnessed a natural phenomenon that didn’t have any particular ideological bearing on me, just some pain and discomfort. I saw a hawk or some other predatory bird fiercely steal not one, but three chicks from a hen. This hen had struggled for twenty one days tending to her eggs, keeping them safe and alive. What wrong had she ever done to the Hawk who took no mercy in the act? The Hawk too needed to survive. It was merely satisfying a very basic need of survival, nourishment. As a child I didn’t know who to pity and who to blame in the situation. I felt the Hawk was cruel and the Hen, rather unfortunate. Perhaps we should change the world so that the three chicks could have lived a long and fulfilling life, and the Hawk would survive without having to look so sinister.

Heal the world, make it a better place. Was it ever broken? The quicker we accept that the world as we know it will not change for me or you so that we can be happy and satisfied. Its change is inevitable, but we shouldn’t rely solely on that and live our lives. The only incendiary bomb we need is ourselves. If you want to live a happy and successful live, start working towards it. The world is not going to hand it to you just because you are you. Heal your world, make it a better place for you, if your world is broken.

This is not a self-help article, it is just plain truth. I am very happy to share my point of view with you, but I’m even happier knowing that many people will not pay attention to it. That just the world for you, everything can’t be perfect. I’ve accepted that truth therefore I can grow.

Have a Nice Life.




2 thoughts on “What is real and what is ideal

  1. I agree. The whole ‘heal the world’ concept is nice, I mean if you have the resources to help others, do, as long as you are not destroying yourself in the process. I do agree that the world will never change, and like you observed, humans behave very similarly to animals, but we don;t expect them to change, we just call it nature.


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