Thank You

Challenge number 7: Write a letter to you.

[Andrea Bocelli]

I’ve never believed in external forces pulling people who are meant to be together, together. With us I’m tempted to accept this.

I could spend hours constructing the most delightful things to say to you and make you feel good. Just because I have that magical effect on you. But this time I’m trying something different. I just want to say Thank You. It may feel like I say this way too often and don’t really mean it. You have no idea how much I do. What am I thanking you for? What am I not to thank you for? Without you there still will be Hakeem, just a radically abnormal one. You didn’t single handedly make me, you did more.

Sometimes I could get so bored and say the most meaningless things but you tolerate my shit. When I feel so uninspired and have no believe in myself, I go to you. Partly because I look up to you, and also because you have the most appropriate things to say. I can hate you so much that I want to feed you to alligators, but then you show me why I love you. And life goes on in the jungle.

So yeah, Thank You, and I pray I get the chance to keep on thanking you Nana Akua. I love you.


Have a wonderful life.


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