Eye Sea

[ OsibiImagesa x Coffee Song]

Challenge 6: What Does It make me think of?


Punishment is supposed to decrease a behavior, or so we like to assume. Is punishment always effective? With this particular challenge, I’m supposed to write what this particular picture makes me feel. It is punishment for me cheating in my previous challenges, something I don’t agree with but I can’t do anything about. So here goes.

 This picture or artefact makes me feel angry and uncomfortable for very obvious reasons. It’s very childish and a tad vague, but not entirely abstract. Simultaneously, it makes me feel very happy. Not because of the cute, white cat presenting a cake to me, or the shimmering glitter on it. Not even because it’s supposed to represent love, but rather because it’s a HUGE challenge.

I’m always ranting about how I’m not being challenged to the extent I want to. Now I’m presented with this and I have my jaw in my palm. “That’s life it’s wicked, that’s right we live it. “

I decided not to cheat not because the punishment worked, but because I promised not to. When I cheat, I’m presented with a more difficult challenge. This ends up making my writing a whole lot better. Forgive me if I decide to reinforce this behavior.



Stay Blessed.



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