Heavenly Words

Challenge number 5: The third line from the Last song you listened to.


[Tom Scott x Today]

As soon as I saw this challenge I knew I had to cheat. I was not going to ruin this chance to expose my audience to awesome lyricism. So sorry, this is not going to be the third line from the last song I listened to, but rather two of the lines that have struck me.

This means a lot to me. Music is my Aphrodite. Too many dope lyrics to choose from, but I can’t waste my time typing lines from the thousands of songs I’ve heard. I just chose two. The first is from Jay Z, the most versatile lyricist of all time. I chose this line because of it’s something everyone can relate to in one way. It’s from the song D’evils of his debut album Reasonable Doubt.

“It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us

And now we’re lethal, infected with D’evils”

It totals the subject matter of the song. How modern man’s quest and obsession for money and power poisons and corrupts us. The song is a very vivid description of life for most African American men in the man-made jungle of New York. This song and the whole Reasonable Doubt album is a must listens. Jay Z display his intricate and elaborate skill at the art of rapping, it contains a lot of honest stories. I decree that every living soul listen to it or loose your head.

The second song quote is from a relatively new act. Pop sensation Lorde. Its bullshit for anyone to say she doesn’t deserve her two Grammys. For a seventeen year old, her song writing is phenomenal. The line is from the song Royals.

“I cut my teeth on weeding rings in the movie”

What captivated me was the expression “cut my teeth”. How many seventeen year olds even know what it means? Everyone is “driving Cadillac’s in their dreams” after hear the song. But not many took time to understand the song. It relates to the first song, modern man’s obsession with materialism, consumerism, the whole family of greed and excessive unnecessary want. What Lorde does is that she accepts that not everyone will get to be a queen or king, so she is going to be a Queen in her own way.

The post is not to eulogize any musical act or insult anyone’s intelligence. I’m simply showing my love for music to the world.

Have an amazing day



“When the ink dries and the pages turn to dust, so will we”



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