The “_” Words

Challenge number four: why would you or would you not use swear words? 

[Jay Z x 99 Problems]

Expression. Power. I don’t understand modern man’s dissatisfaction with the use of certain “unruly” or “uncouth” words. Why would I use such words? Do I need a reason to?

When someone says something like “nigga” or “faggot” or “bitch”, my immediate reaction is that it’s a joke. You can’t expect a rational human being to find them ‘offensive. I don’t think it has anything to do with upbringing or “manners”. It’s basically just a lifestyle choice. The same way some people decide to cover their hair, not wear earrings, or tattoo their skin or fall in love with people of the same sex.

I am not justifying this behavior. Existing social conventions in my part of the world brand this act as disrespectful. What do I know? I’m just a kid with a pen and pad. Words like “fuck”, and “bitch” are not things I’ll just blast out of my mouth. It can be the best and most honest expression to use in some cases. But I won’t abuse the use.

Bottom line. It all has to do with the speaker and the one being spoken to. If y’all are cool with such language, then cool. But if there is a row concerning these expressions among y’all, then a compromise must be reached.

It’s like placing a cyanide capsule in your mouth. You decide to bite it. I won’t justify nor criticize the use of such expressions. The power they have is from you.

Have a nice day.           


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