What if i die today, hypothetically
I’m thinking of pulling a “Catipal Steeze”
Become legendary
And my legacy
like the waves of the sea
Shall flow for eternity
And make me near heavenly
What if my hypothesis should materialize
I’ll leave my kids bastardized
While people will harmonize
many rumours as to why
I took my promising life
What if i decided I’ll live like a Tarantino script
Make my viewers enjoy some visionary shit
And make the moral stick
Clandestinely, and watch them discern it from a bottomless pit
what if i cut my teeth on life through reality
And not vicariously
I stop thinking of wanting it,
But work towards it.
Stop being theoretical
And be practical
What if i become accustomed to serving a fiend
Along with the rest of society cos its our genes,
To succumb to all the chicanery and debauchery.
What if the final outcomes of all these scenarios are before me
And I’m too busy buried in books to see,
Or too dumb to believe,
Or just scared of what the outcome will be?

Regardless of the outcomes of my hypothesis,
one thing is for certain.
I will live.


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