Cold Water

As a child I was extremely infatuated with the beach. Safe to say I still am. I used to beg my parents to take me there, but seldom materialized. But whenever it did happen it was bliss. The sound of the waves crushing on to the beach. The beautiful white sand. The joyful people all around. But most importantly the never ending Atlantic ocean hugging the


The Sea to me was a gateway to a parallel universe, I surreal place of happiness. I have no idea why I associate it with happiness when reality teaches me otherwise. It is these same brutal waters that carried my ancestors to a cruel and unforgiving land to suffer for four hundred years. It is these same waters that brought the blue eyed masters (monster, in the opinion of other, not mine) to our soil, who robbed us of our gold, timber, family, civilization, and sovereignty. All the Atlantic had ever brought to Ghana has been misery and pain. It is right to conclude that it is the cause of all the social and economic decadence all around.

But it still gave me joy. There were times when I will feel so depressed that I wished for the waves to carry me away from all the mental debauchery. I prayed it will ferry me to a distant land of milk and honey, with women clad in fine linen, servants at my command, panoramic views to die for most essentially peace.

If you haven’t visited a beach before I feel very sorry for you. It is rather a very chaotic environment. There is no peace there. Remains a mystery as to how I am able to find it there. Maybe it’s just the magnificence of the ocean, or the comfort of the beach (not all beaches are comfortable, most of them, in Ghana are eyesores and home to the homeless and spiritual groups), or maybe the peace to be found there is inner? Whatever it is, it’s one of the most beautiful feelings or experience to me.

Today my eyes were blessed with the sight of the Magnificent Atlantic Ocean. It wasn’t how I had envisioned the experience to be after my hiatus from the beach, hey but what do they say about a bird in the hand? I relaxed and opened my mind to the ends of the ocean. I rid it of all sinister thoughts like they were carcasses being washed up to the beach. I became clear and pure, just as the very master under whose spell I was transfixed. For a very short while I was free of all the fiends’ society and myself were accustomed to serving. BLISS!!!

Its rather ironic how something so turbulent and destructive, in every sense of the word, can be calming and relaxing. I guess this world is just a messed up place with little to no respite that it has forced us to find peace in chaos.


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