Slaves To Sapiosexuality?

This here is a piece on Sapiosexuality by a featured writer called Finagle Jones: The Provost. Enjoy



Brains over beauty is a common saying. Do we pay attention to what we utter? Are you willing to make intellectual prowess cover up for a physical flaw in your partner? Unconsciously, this seems to be the order of the day in today’s society. Sapiosexuality may be deemed as a natural occurrence but in today’s world a man may be setting a death trap for himself if he is to pick a woman who cannot steer the family ride with him as a wife. Suicidal choice, if you ask me.

There’s no escaping the fact that comfort is the peak of satisfaction in life. Hence, to make it in this world, brains are required. The ability to make life changing decisions is just another feature of a sky high IQ. Life changing decisions entail risk taking; calculated risk taking. Therefore, taking of risks invariably determines one’s status in life. Turn back the clock to the time of our forefathers, life partners were literally handpicked by parents, with all issues concerning the marriage taken care of by them. Women were marginalized to domestic duties and men were supposed to naturally have a knack for hard work which will be vital in keeping a family afloat financially. People of marriageable age back then had to rely on a good choice of a suitor made by their parents. However, in today’s age, the decision lies in the hands of the ones who want to get married.

Society demands a lot from us humans intellectually to make it by the book. As a member of the youth, my mind wanders far away on many occasions concerning what the future has to offer. Similarly, attraction to the opposite sex plagues my inner thoughts; I mean, man is not growing any younger, feelings and hormones….you know what I’m saying. Putting these two together, one cannot help but envision a future with a BEAUTIFUL SMART lady. Problem is, more often than not, these two qualities are not at par in a woman and beauty is the premiere feature family members look out for when evaluating a wife-elect.

So then would you concede to being a slave of sapiosexuality or let beauty overshadow an intellectual flaw?


Finagle Jones: The Provost


4 thoughts on “Slaves To Sapiosexuality?

  1. It’s kind of funny I just saw this after writing a poem entitled “Sapiosexual.”
    I feel like although sapiosexualitu has been a growing trend lately, the girls are proclaiming themselves as such more than the boys.


    1. I believe in our society more men or boys see themselves attractive when they are masculine but not , for the lack of a better word, smart. Sapiosexuals are still the minority but and interest group.


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