Saxophone Soliloquy

(Sade || The Sweetest taboo)

Failed attempts at conversations

Blamed on the work of Satan

The soul constantly craves attention

ying yang the heart extends a hand

she bend over to see the “desperate” attempt and cannot

But to ignore the hopeless

With his witty statements among many other antics

Resilient warrior he takes another shot,

Optimism never lacking his estranged heart seeks a spot

In the warm embrace of This near heavenly god

Her bossom filled with raged for no apparent reason

she read the text but cannot make meaning

Of why he’ll want to form part of the vicious cycle

the heart that chooses to be unaffected in a field of emotions is damaged goods

The heart that opens too wide is trampled on and taken for a fool

Frenzy of emotion

the answer lies with the chosen

Tuff assassin



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