Live in the moment and die tomorrow
Nights come to me with the eyes of sorrow
dreaming of a night without the horror
Asking if there wont be horror
Nights come to me a beg for time
Pleading for the chances of their forebears
Cos the sins they share, but not the joys
The war trophies now turned to toys
Wall hangings of degrees they gained with ease
Seductively posing seeking to tease
On  higher echelons they’re Suffering from disease
whiskers tickle their conscience
Mind set on mind sets that increase their prospects
The hand that reaches out lives the longest
The man that senses make sense  in the dense lense of life that make them tense
Words of a martyr yet to be born
The strings of reality already torn

Tuff Assassin


4 thoughts on “Lucid

  1. I liked the progression from the beginning to the part about joys.

    From the war trophies till the end seem a bit disjoint from the aforementioned section, however it can serve as another on its own.

    Congratulations on your nomination.


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