I Have A BIG problem

Today in a lecture, someone passed a comment that we write to please the reader.
     I found this extremely disturbing. If writing to please the reader is the aim of writing then i think there is no point in it. I know that it is essential to allow your audience understand the message you want to put across, but i don’t think it is necessary to write with the aim of pleasing.
        In my opinion writing is a very personal act. The one way  i am able to bring out my true feelings from the dark Abyss to the bright gardens. Writing(poetry) is the only way i give myself a voice
           I can never ever understand why someone will therefore write with the aim of pleasing. Although we try to hide it, everyone seeks validation in this troubled world. I don’t seek validation. Rather i seek respect. RESPECT. I write with the aim that my thoughts and opinions will be respected, appreciate and heavily criticized.
         This is not a rant, but my honest opinion. No one should write to please but rather to express. I expressed my views!

Hakeem Adam 


6 thoughts on “I Have A BIG problem

  1. People who write to please are entertainers. The reason you write determines the kind of writer you are. So a particular kind of writer writes to please – usually children’s novelists. Poets, I believe, do not fit into this category. Poets write for their own purposes.


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