Drum language for the faint hearted, you hear it loud and clear
Maybe you don’t, you just tripping of the sounds that’s you hear
Or maybe you choose to ignore ’em cos baby you fear
That the thought of the Message will bring you to tears
Drum language for the short, is the sound distorted ?
Or baby are you just being dishonest ?
Or you’re allowing sanity to eclipse the prospects
Drum language for the Akan hero, the beat has changed
So why baby is your stance the same?
Oh i get it, you don’t wanna be insane
I respect your decision, I’ll allow you to play
Drum language for Akua, a blessing to me
I’m enjoying the fruits of my own seed
I love you B that’s something that will for ever be
I’m in a happy space so I’ll let you B
Drum language, drum language who is playing the sounds
Can he or she allow a nigga to be sound?

Tuff Assassin


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