Scattered Thoughts

*inspired by Animal Pharm*

scared but not deterred
he looks into his heart and sees the fear is still
but he’s indifferent to the cheers
mammoth sized challenges would have to seek redress
he’s stronger than ’em all like there is an S on his chest
he has faith in his ability
never under-estimate the African ingenuity
like an independence speech he inspires hope in a community
his tongue lashes out purity
nobler than neon
looks in to his life and sees success and beyond
the connection with his maker is like a paper bond
but regardless its still strong
forgotten like the pledge in an un-patriotic’s mind
but he doesn’t wish to fit in he’s out grown his size
his insecurity is on demise
whilst his confidence will rise
silent as the fart whilst sitting among the Kings
he keeps his thoughts locked like a treasured ring
malignant when they emerge even the Reverend sings
from the darkest and the saddest emerge some pleasant thing
inspired to write
black lips fear to speak but his thumb puts up a fight
his competition aint up to speed tho’ they got a cutting edge
the higher the climbs the harder it gets
he doesnt expect comfort he prepares for the threats
melting away like candles in the Saharan sun
his doubts, his fears he’s traded every one
with positive adjectives that are synonymous to won
his spirit is fired up his rolling with Trump
his steady flow like the credits roll
is heavy though
he doesn’t write stuff for the world to skim through
no Scottie Pippen he’s taking down the big bull
the skill is not a question it takes passion to make magic
if he’s got you this far its clear that it has happened

tuff assassin



Giving Enlightenment Entertainment and Knowledge

*without mana there is no life in the Jungle*


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