Bacchus’ Song

I’m trying to thread a needle in the dark
In a cold room close to a haystack
A stitch in time supposed to say nine
At the eleventh hour I can’t afford a sigh
All I have are my thoughts and a bruised eye
I’m supposed to be myopic but I’ve got foresight
Mental pictures of my ideal world
Toughest skin but a soft inner core
Streaks of tears running from my checks to the jaw
Thinking about a lot but crying about nothing
The fear of failing makes me do something
It saddens my heart to see the decadence around
Smiles on their faces but the evil thoughts abound
Graves in my wardrobes from then till now
Everyone’s got some that never come to light
Who I’m eye to judge her for raising her legs to the sky
Considering the fact that to the rising Sun I’m not nigh
Constipated choices hard to ease the pain
Following my heart will be a single lane
Caught in the rhymes it’s been a smooth flowing ride
The gentleness of the pen along the canvass of my mind
Bring out the thoughts I never utter but are mine
It is my hope that at least they’ll be time

*Hakeem Adam*

More to follow after 13th May

*tuff Assassin*


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