i’m a man

I’m a man
Not cos my armpit smells after jogging
Or my penis is erect in the morning
Or I put meaning and depth in this story
I’m a man
Not cos my ribs be uneven
Or my hairline be receding
Or my dad looks at me to be leading
I’m a man
Cos I was inspired to write this after listening
To the words of an afro american christian
I’m a man
Not cos I’m attracted to the female curvature
Or pee looking over a curvature
Or wherever that’s just nature
I’m a man
Not cos I don’t fit a definition
Or flee from a compromising situation
Or find meaning in this rendition
I’m a man
Cos my name begins in capital
And I write this for capital
Or at least make it in the capital
I’m a man
Not cos of the hair around my mandible
Or the flat below my clavicle
I’m a man
Cos I’ll break my spine
So ma kids be raised high
Especially through tough times
I’m a man
Cos I’m never malleable
I’ll stand firm as long as its arguable
Or at least remain factual
I’m a man
cos my brains, sweat and skills
Could build a Black Beverly Hills
And give a thousand hearts the chills
I’m a man
Cos I shed tears
Because of my fears. of not surpassing theirs
I’m a man
Co I stare at the D’evils face
With prayer being my spade
And dig his temptations a grave
I’m a man
By virtue of fate
So all I have is faith
And my dreams of being great
I’m a man
Cos I’m not swiss perfect
But I’ll reduce the recurrence
Of my under thought errors
I’m a man
Cos my mistakes make me stronger
I’m a man
Cos ma penis
Releases genius
Competing with the senior
Who brought about the procedures
For making life the easiest

Most importantly I’m a man cos Allah wills it

I’m a Man
Are you?

Tuff Assassin


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